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Electronic Signature

It allows to uniquely identify the recipient of the document, with our various authentication methods.Documents are encrypted at all times,

using 128-bit AES encryption and 256-bit SSL, allowing the issuer to be notified if the document is changed.


  • Transform into a connected digital bank (Integration Framework)
  • Centralize digital banking management in one portal
  • Agency Banking (Redes de Agentes)

Document Management (Workflow)

 Explore documents, process entities of organization by folders on-demand, automatically synchronize documents in physical folders for the document management system, allowing to integrate scanners and faxes easily with the document management;

Online account opening for bank clients

We offer the ACO – Signature Appliance solution for banks, in order to facilitate transactions and eliminate the need to travel to branches, increasing the efficiency and time management of employees since there are fewer people to be attended in person.

We work with

Insurance companies and Law Firms

 We offer the solution of digital signatures and document management, allowing the policies to be signed and managed digitally, eliminating the need of printing them.

We work with

Hospitals and Clinics 

We offer the solution of digital forms and document management that allows the patient to complete and sign the patient record before arriving at the hospital.

We work with

Universities and Schools

We offer the solution of digital forms and document management that allows the student not only to register digitally, but also to contact us for more information.

Electronic Signature (eSignature)

In today’s hyperconnected world, traditional methods of signing and authenticating documents are increasingly being replaced by technological innovations, such as electronic signatures, and for almost a decade, Angolan law has recognized the legality of electronic signatures. 

The digital signatures provided by Assinbwe offer several advantages over other types of electronic signatures, namely:

1. Additional security

Our digital signatures offer a high level of security. The unique “fingerprint” identification data in a digital signature remains permanently embedded in a document. Signs that someone has violated or altered a document after signing can be easily detected.

2. Global acceptance and legal compliance

More countries now accept digital signatures on binding documents because they understand that the security protocols offered by suppliers such as Assinbwe are in line with international standards in the field.

3. Independent verification

Assinbwe’s digital signatures support strict independent verification and cannot be altered by unauthorized third parties

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